Promus Capital helps families more effectively and efficiently manage their investable assets by surrounding key decision makers with a dedicated investment team.

Asset Allocation

Since every client is unique, we build customized asset allocation strategies to meet specific needs. Promus Capital strives for proper diversification and risk management in each portfolio.

Manager Selection

Our team identifies high character managers with proven track records, repeatable methodology and definable edge with a strong bias toward managers that have protected capital during tough markets. Additionally, we place a high value on managers who heavily invest in their own strategy. Over the years, we have developed an exceptional team of managers.

Consolidated Reporting and Oversight

We view reporting as a core function of the investment oversight and decision‐making process. Many wealthy families have complex and disparate holdings that are difficult to track in a meaningful way. Promus Capital continually reviews a client family’s entire portfolio,regardless of its custodian, and provides customized reporting that aggregates a family’s holdings.