About Us

Promus Capital connects families who value increased access to unique investment opportunities.

In 2008, after nearly a decade of sharing best practices in investments, charity and life, a network of successful individuals joined together to establish Promus Capital, a multi-family office investment firm. The founding families shared a common affection with alternative assets and investment opportunities that were ‘below the radar screen’ of large, institutional investors. The families combined their investment networks and ideas to identify these attractive opportunities. The formation of Promus Capital allowed the founding families to build a dedicated team to more efficiently manage their complex financial affairs and share their investment platform with other families.

Today, Promus Capital operates as an SEC registered investment advisor. We understand that constructing and navigating the complexities of a well-rounded investment portfolio takes dedication, experience and attention to detail. Our team of highly skilled managers works diligently to develop and execute an investment strategy that meets our investors’ unique objectives. As your family's Chief Investment Officer, Promus Capital will coordinate and implement an integrated planning and investment process designed to help you more efficiently and effectively manage your financial affairs.

Productive long-term portfolio performance is driven by a combination of proper asset allocation and outstanding manager selection in both the traditional and alternative asset classes. We believe diversified investments across asset classes will produce better risk-adjusted performance for the total portfolio. Unfortunately, as worldwide markets have become more interconnected, an investor’s ability to diversify and reduce correlation using publicly traded securities has been diminished, increasing the importance of alternative assets like private equity and hedge funds. However, it is our experience that many of the best managers, especially in alternatives, are harder to find. Promus Capital has developed a large network of talented managers that are continually identifying interesting investment opportunities.

Promus Capital connects families who value increased access to unique investment opportunities and see the benefit in leveraging the experience and wisdom within the multi-family office.